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Nach dem Festival ist vor dem Orpheus-Wettbewerb

Preisträgerinnen und Preisträger des Orpheus Competition 2019 sagen, was den internationalen Wettbewerb und das Swiss Chamber Music Festival so speziell macht.

Video: Kebyart Ensemble

«I highly recommend taking part in the ORPHEUS-Competition. It is a great goal to aim for as a chamber music ensemble, and the competition gave me the opportunity to perform in some beautiful places in Switzerland.»

Eoin Ducrot (Opalio Piano Trio)

«This has been a great experienced for us! The whole preparation of the competition made us improve our musicianship and it was a great & friendly atmosphere the day of our performance. The concerts were a big chance for us to put together in our program music that we love and make it feel like a little journey! We really enjoy that this foundation promotes contemporary music in Switzerland and young artists & composers. It’s very refreshing for the swiss music culture. We hope it will successfully continue!»

Duo Percussion CYTi

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